August this year saw the 27th World Championships held in Paris France, where a fabulous time was had by all who attended.

The DOUG CROSBY TROPHY was won by the USA team of Calvin  (Jim) Pfrongner, Joseph Brogdon, Russell Vaughn, and Theodore (Ted) McGraw.

Our champions are:

W.A.L.G. Ladies Champion:  Sophie-Charlott Hempel, Germany

W.A.L.G. Open Champion: Raffaele Positano, Switzerland

W.A.L.G. Seniors: Lionel Bitsch-Bourgeois, France

W.A.L.G. Super Seniors: Calvin (Jim) Pfrogner, USA

Attendees to reach 10 time tournament participation are: Shih-Shiung (Peter) Ho, Taiwan; Crick CS Yang, Taiwan; Wen-Nien (Jackson) Liu, Taiwan