August this year saw the 28th World Championships held in Denang, Vietnam where a fabulous time was had by all who attended.

The DOUG CROSBY TROPHY was won by the team from China: Zhang Yong, Xia Yungao, Zhang Daiyu and Ms Zhang Zhiying.

Our champions are:

W.A.L.G. Ladies Champion:  Ms Zhang Zhiying, China

W.A.L.G. Open Champion:  Zhang Yong, China

W.A.L.G. Seniors:  Justin McPhillips

W.A.L.G. Super Seniors:  Anthony Tully

W.A.L.G. Super Senior Stable Ford Champion:  Crick C S Yang

Attendees to reach 10 time tournament participation are: Yang Shinn-Sheng (Frank), Sahlin Ulf Tomas, Johan Victor Niclas Jansson

Attendees to reach 20 time tournament participation are: George Kotaridis