Our second visit to Taiwan saw us once again playing the tournament in Taipei. The 72 hole tournament was played on four different courses, all prepared to a very high standard, the courses were, Chang Gung Golf Club, Tao-Yuan Golf Club, Ta Shee Golf & Country Club and Tong Hwa Golf & Country Club. The Headquarters for the tournament was the Grand Hotel, Taipei where on Sunday 5 November 2006 all guests met at the welcome banquet, held in the Grand Ballroom.

The World President Mr. Yamaha Yeh, Taiwan thanked everyone for coming and expressed the fact that it was a great honor to hold the world championship in Taiwan.

There were 217 entrants from 13 different countries. Australia (23), Canada (1), England (9), Finland (1), France (4), Germany (3), Ireland (1), Japan (75), New Zealand (5), Sweden (3), Switzerland (1), Taiwan (86) and U.S.A. (50),

The tournament was played on Monday 6, Tuesday 7, Thursday 9 and Friday 10 November 2006. The Wednesday being a free day for sightseeing.

The Presentation Banquet was held in the Grand Ballroom at the Grand Hotel, Taipei on Friday 10 November 2006.

The World Champion was Mishima Shegefumi, Japan.

The Senior Champion was, Kenichi Seta, Japan.

The Super Senior was Malcolm Barker, England.

The Lady Champion was Karen Lee, Taiwan.

The Doug Crosby World Cup was won by Australia.