World Association of Left Handed Golfers (W.A.L.G.) Policy and Decisions

1. When the WALG decide on a venue for a World Championship, that venue should stand. Florida 29 June 1994.

2. Once a tournament date and venue is confirmed, the date and venue cannot be changed, without the Chairman and Secretary WALG being consulted. England 24 July 1996

3. Tournament to be held Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday or Thursday/Friday/Monday/Tuesday. Germany , 4 July 2000.

4. Name/Country Tags to be provided and worn by all competitors. Germany, 4 July 2000

5. Badge for 10 tournament participation to be awarded. Spain 4 June 2002.

6. The draw for the first two rounds only to be produced and distributed at registration. The final two rounds to be seeded draw (clarified South Africa 2014).

7. Open and Senior Divisions to play from same tee markers, (comfortable members markers, not Championship tees). Canada, 20 June 2003
NOTE: To qualify for Doug Crosby Trophy team members can now come from all divisions irrespective of which tee block they use (clarified Japan 2016).

8. The age of Super Senior Division to be 70 and over. Canada, 20 June 2003.

9. Ongoing cost of servicing WALG web site to be met from tournament income. Ireland, 21 June 2005.

10. Where possible, players in the same Division, to play the same course each day. Ireland 21 June, 2005

11. Competitors scoring a hole-in-one to be recognized. Ireland, 21 June 2005

12. The present ‘Flight System’ to continue. Ireland, 21 June 2005

13. Two members from each Country may attend the World meeting to ensure continuity. Taiwan, 1 November 2006.

14. Entrants must be a member of their Countries NALG Association, Although entries from new Countries (without NALG Associations) will be encouraged. Taiwan, 7 November 2006

15. Other ‘Left-handed” web sites will not be linked to our web site. Taiwan, 7 November 2006

16. Where a division is divided and play different courses (eg. large number of entrants) no pin changes should be made until all players in that division have completed the ‘same course’. New Zealand, 4 March 2008

17. Only 4 Divisions to be contested at WALG events, Open, Senior, Super Senior and Ladies Divisions. Sweden 23 June 2009.

18. You can only win the Division that you enter. Sweden 23 June 2009.

19. The age for Senior Division to be 60 years and over. (from 2012) Sweden 23 June 2009

20. Rangefinders are allowed in WALG tournaments. (from 2010) Sweden 23 June 2009.

21. The year members qualify for the 10 tournament pin be printed in tournament booklet. Sweden 23 June 2009.

22. When a Country lodges a bid for a second or subsequent WALG Championship it MUST be in a different City/Region to where previous Tournaments were held, except when there is at least 20 years between tournaments. U.S.A. 28 September 2010

23. A Country to qualify as a member country of WALG. (A) The country must have formed a Left-handed Golf Association. (B). A member of that Countries Association must play in a WALG event. U.S.A. 28 September 2010

24. (A) The reigning WALG President will receive a direct invitation to delegates meeting scheduled for the Championship for which the President is presiding over. (B) The reigning WALG President will receive the agenda for the delegates meeting scheduled for the Championship for which the President is presiding over. (C) The reigning WALG President will receive the minutes of the previous delegate meeting. U.S.A. 28 September 2010

25. A new position of Vice Chairman be created. U.S.A. 30 September 2010

26. The Chairman will be independent and will not be his Country Representative. U.S.A. 30 September 2010.