Twenty time participants will receive a certificate and a W.A.L.G badge. Their photo and a brief of golfing accomplishments will be included in the Roll of Honour, Twenty Time Attendees.

Douglas Henry Crosby OAM

Doug Crosby first became involved in Left Handed Golfing Associations when he joined the New South Wales Left Handed Golfers Association 1971. Within months of joining the Association he was elected President, a position he held for some years.

In 1984 he was instrumental in forming the National Association of Left Handed Golfers Australia. Elected the first Chairman a position he held for some 26 years, until he retired about 2010.

In 1976 he, in company with Terry Lennox, led a party of left handed golfers to USA to play in their Nationals at Monterey, California. There he invited American ‘lefties’ to participate in an International Lefty Event in Australia in 1979.

Past President and Captain of Straithfield Golf Club N.S.W. Australia
Currently a member of Royal Sydney Golf Club N.S.W. Australia

Peter John Read

Peter Read played in the first Lefty ‘International’ held in Sydney Australia in 1979. Since that tournament he has played in all but one WALG Championship (Hawaii 1981).  In 1994 he was elected as Secretary of WALG a position he has held for that past 19 years. Peter was awarded his ‘Gold Pin’ for attending 10 tournaments in 1997. He achieved 20 tournaments in Scotland in 2012.  A ‘Foundation Life Member’ of the Muirfield Golf Club Sydney Australia, having joined there in 1959.

Past President of NALG New South Wales.

Past Captain of the Australian Golf Heritage Society.

Past Vice President of Muirfield Golf Club

Peter Nolan

Peter Nolan has attended all but one World Lefty Championships. He missed the first Tournament held in Sydney Australia in 1979, since that tournament he has thoroughly enjoyed his involvement in WALG, has made many friends and will continue to attend WALG tournament well into the future. Peter Nolan was awarded his ‘Gold Pin’ for attending 10 tournaments in 1997. He achieved his 20th tournament in Scotland in 2012.

Peter is a member of the Albury Golf Club in New South Wales, Australia.

Tsutomu Waki (Tom)

Tom started playing in WALG tournaments in Taiwan, 1991. Since then, he has never missed aWALG tournament.  In 2019 Tom attended his 20th tournament. He was awarded Ten Time tournament in the 16th WALG tournament held in Ireland.

Tom achieved Lifelong Grand Slam of Club Championship of Ashiya Country Club where Tom is a member.  Tom has achieved four times Club Champion, two times Senior Champion and one time Super Senior Champion.

Tom is the Chairman of Ashiya Country Club, Ashiya City, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Dr Martin Pörtner

Martin played his first World Lefty Championship in Galway in 1990. Since then he missed only one tournament and was awarded his “Gold Pin” for attending 10 tournaments in Dublin in 2005. He achieved 20 tournaments in Germany in 2019.

Without any national association available at that time, he won the vote at the World Committee Meeting in 1997 to run the tournament in Germany in 2000. Based on this, he and some friends founded the NALG Germany in 1999, and he worked within the board for more than a decade. Martin is currently a member of the Golf Cub Leverkusen in Germany.

Past World President WALG

Past President NALG Germany