1. All participants must be an amateur and over 14 years of age.
2. All participants must be a financial member of their Country’s Association, except entrants from a Country where no Association exists.
3. Each participant must register in person prior to hitting off in the first round.
4. Each participant must declare, before hitting off in the first round, which division he/she wishes to play in. Open, Seniors (60+),Ladies, Super Seniors (70+). Age as at start of tournament.
5. The WALG Championship will be over 72 holes medal play.
6. Play will be governed by the rules of the Country where the tournament is played.
7. Evidence of handicap and home club to be available on request.
8. Number of tournaments participated in to be included on entry from (for 10 time award).


1. The tournament will be controlled by the Committee, from the host Country.
2. The tournament committee will provide conditions of play for the tournament.
3. The decisions of the tournament committee will be final.
4. All players must carry only left-handed clubs.
5. All strokes must be played left-handed. (except trouble shots and tap in putts)
6. Players will be grouped, as near as possible, to their ability. (handicap)
7. Where possible players to be drawn with different people each day.
8. The draw for the first two rounds only to be produced and distributed at registration. The final two rounds to be seeded draw (clarified South Africa 2014).
9. Where possible, players in the same division are to play on the same course each day
10. Where a Division is divided, due to the numbers of entrants, they should play the same courses, without pin changes.
11. Divisions: Open, Seniors (60+), Super Seniors (70+) and Ladies. Each Division will be grouped into flights after 2 rounds. No scores published until after round 2.
12. There should be approximately16 competitors in each flight + or – ties.
13. The Champion of each Division will be the lowest score, irrespective of which flight the competitor comes from.
14. The Open and Senior Divisions will play from the same tee markers. Super Seniors from a forward tee. (Ladies tees or near Ladies tees.)  Note! to qualify for Doug Crosby Trophy team members can now come from all divisions irrespective of which tee block they use (clarified Japan 2016).
15. In the event of a tie in the Open, Seniors, Super Seniors and Ladies Divisions, the event will be decided by a play off. (nominated by the Tournament Committee prior to start of play).
16. All other flights to be decided by way of countback.
i) Last 18 holes. ii) Then hole by hole from the 72nd hole.
17. Each competitors handicap is to be displayed against his/her results.
18. As competitors travel many miles, disqualification to be the last resort.
19. The Tournament Committee in consultation with the Executive Secretariat, shall be entitled to allow late entries in special circumstances.


1. 1st prize in each flight shall be the same, keep in mind that the flight from where the
Open/Senior/Super Senior and Ladies Champions come from there will be no 1st prize trophy. 2nd prize in each flight shall be the same, however it can be a different style/shape than 1st prize trophy. Same with 3rd 4th and 5th prize trophies, they can be different style/shape, however they should be the same for each flight.
2. The Open, Senior (60+), Super Senior (70+) and Ladies Champions, to be a more substantial trophy.
3. There should be 4 or 5 trophies for each flight.
4. Where possible, the trophies should reflect a theme of the host Country.
5. The Super Senior Trophy (70+) to be known as the ‘Tom James Trophy’.


1. Will comprise a team of 4 players from each Country.
2. Each Country can field only one team.
3. The team will be the leading four players from each Country after two rounds. In the event of a tie it will be best 2nd round, then last nine, then hole by hole.
4. The best three scores each day will count.
5. Team members can now come from all divisions irrespective of which tee block they use.
6. If a tie, the total of the discarded scores, each day will count (72 holes)


1. The award ceremony will be on the night following the last round.
2. All trophies to be presented at the award ceremony.
3. The host President should be the Chairman of the ceremony.
4. The host Captain should announce the winners of all events.
5. Speeches should be restricted to the Open, Senior, Super Senior and Ladies Champion.
6. Ten and Twenty time participants to receive awards.
7. World Chairman to conduct the ‘Flag Ceremony’ at the end of award ceremony, where he will hand the WALG flag to the representative for the next World Championship.


1. Each Country has one vote only. However, can nominate two representatives.
2. The WALG committee will meet about 2.30pm following the 2nd round.
3. The tournament organisers will ensure that Country representatives have an early tee time for the 2nd round. (for attendance at the World Meeting)
4. The WALG Chairman will conduct the meeting.
5. WALG Secretary to maintain minutes and distribute them to each Country’s representative.
6. The Chairman of WALG will be independent and will not be his Country representative.
7. A Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary will be elected at each WALG Meeting.
8. The Secretary to have full knowledge of tournament conditions and the WALG event.


1. A 72 hole event is to be played in conjunction with the World Championship. Divide into more than one flight if possible.


1. Where possible golf is to be made available for right handed golfers traveling with their lefty friends/partners. Not necessarily on the same course as the Championship.


Ten time participants will receive a certificate and a W.A.L.G. badge. They will be included in the Roll of Honour, Ten Tournament Attendees.


Twenty time participants will receive a certificate and a W.A.L.G badge. Their photo and a brief of golfing accomplishments will be included in the Roll of Honour, Twenty Time Attendees.


Any competitor achieving a hole-in-one during the tournament will be recognised.