Doug Crosby OAM (Australia) 1979 – 2013
Richard Davison (New Zealand) 2013 –

Vice Chairman:
Leif Olsen (Sweden) 2010 – 2013
Tom Waki (Japan) 2013 – 2019
Josef Langenberger (Germany) 2023 –

Ken Ahrens (U.S.A.) 1979 – 1994
Peter Read (Australia) 1994 – 2014
Nigel Messenger (New Zealand) 2014 –


A successful trip of Australian golfers to the USA and Canada organized by Doug Crosby and Terry Lennox to play in the 1976 US Nationals at Monterey, California, was followed by another group of Australians from Victoria and Tasmania who played in the British Lefthanders Society in 1979 in Shropshire, England.

The first World Championship was held in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia during March 1979. It was in Sydney during this tournament that the idea of forming a World Association of Left-handed Golfers was first discussed. The first meeting of members from different countries where discussions were held in relation to holding further International Tournaments was held in Doug Crosby’s apartment at Neutral Bay Sydney during the tournament. Present were Doug Crosby and Terry Lennox (Australia), Bo Medders and Jack Walters (U.S.A), Willard Gilmore and Miles Desharnais (Canada).

To date World Championships have been held in the following countries: Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, U.S.A., Scotland, Turkey and South Africa.

Representatives from the following Countries have competed: Australia, England, Scotland, Canada, U.S.A., New Zealand, Japan, Taiwan, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Switzerland, South Africa, Hong Kong, Wales, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Liechtenstein, China, Vietnam, Luxembourg, Estonia and Russia .

The World Championship is decided over four rounds of stroke play. In addition to the World Champion, separate divisions are held for Seniors Champion (over 60) which commenced in 1981. Ladies Champion which commenced in 1993 and Super Seniors Champion (over 70) which commenced in 2002.

During the World Championship a teams event is conducted, consisting of four members from each Country automatically selected and the lowest three scores each day are totaled. The winning country is awarded the Doug Crosby World Cup. This event commenced in 1988.

In Spain 2002 a Ten Time Participation award commenced. Those members who have played in ten or more World Championship are awarded a gold lapel badge.

The object of WALG is to promote, encourage and foster the game of golf, in particular left-handed golf, throughout the world.