Left handed golfing Associations commenced as early as 1925, below is listed the history of ‘Left-Handed Golfing Association, Country by Country.

USA – 1927

The first Left-Handed Association was formed in 1927 as the Washington State LeftHanded Golfers Association. However, there is evidence that a Left-Handed tournament was held in New England as early as 1925, The exact date and location is unknown.
In 1936 The National Association of Left-Handed Golfers was established. The first National Lefty Championship was played in September 1936 at Norwood Hills Country Club, St Louis Missouri. There are a number of Divisons throughout America each holding their own Championship with a National Championship played annually. NALG (USA) also conduct a National Left/Righty Championship. U.S.A. has hosted the World Championship on two occasions, Maui Hawaii 1981 and West Palm Beach, Florida 1994.

England – 1959

The first recorded event for left-handed golfers was the ‘Quaich Bowl’ played in 1934 at West Byfleet in Surray. In the early 1950’s a group of 12 London Businessmen, all left-handers started playing golf socially, this resulted in the British Left-Handed Golfers Association being formed in 1959. Organised events are held monthly throughout the Country, with a National Championship being held annually. Matches against Scotland and Ireland are also held annually. The Scottish Left-Handers are based at Newtonmore where they hold an annual Championship. The matches against Ireland are held in Portpatrick, Scotland. To date two World Championships have been held in England, 1996 at The Warwickshire, Warwick. The second in 2012 Dundee, Scotland

Australia – 1966

The first Left-Handed event was played at Redcliffe Golf Club, Queensland on 22 November 1964. NALG (Aust) was founded on 17 July 1966 when delegates agreed to hold tournaments in various States. In 1984 ‘The Executive Secretariat’ was formed which oversees the operation of left-handed golf in Australia. There are 10 Divisions throughout Australia, each holding their own Championship. with a National Championship played for annually. Australia has hosted four World championships, Sydney 1979, Surfers Paradise 1988, Launceston, Tasmania 1998 and Melbourne, Victoria 2017.

New Zealand – 1979

The New Zealand Lefthanders Assoc was founded in 1979 by Bruce Poole who is a Life Member. Bruce actually started Lefties golf in Winton, Southland, in 1963 which was the start of many to come in the future. Our first National Tournament was staged at Manawatu in 1986 and has been a highlight of the year ever since. We now have a total of 23 tournaments provincial wise throughout the year. Some of these tournaments have a very long history and Tauramanui, Kaikoura, Te Marua and Masterton are some that have been played over a number of years. There are nine delegates representing all the provinces around New Zealand and are elected to this position each year along with the Secretary and President. There are a number of trophies associated with the National Tournament, with our Patron Sir Bob Charles being the donor of one of them. A number of New Zealanders follow the WALG Tournaments and NZ has hosted three World events. Bruce Poole organized one in Taupo in 1983, Neville Lucas in Christchurch in 1993, and Richard Davison in Queenstown in 2008. New Zealand is proud to be affiliated to the WALG.

Taiwan – 1979

The first left-handed golfing event was played in Taipai, Taiwan in 1979. Later that same year NALG (Taiwan) was formed. There are three Divisions in Taiwan, Northern, Central and Southern. Each Division holds a monthly tournament, with a National championship played annually. Taiwan held the World Championship in Taipai in 1992.
Japan – 1982

The first Tournament for left-handed golfers was held in 1982 in the suburbs of Tokyo . There were similar stirrings in Osaka , Okinawa and Kanagawa. On the international front, three Japanese names can be seen in the program produced for the 5 th WALG Tournament held in Surfers Paradise, Australia in 1988. And since Taiwan 1991 Japan has been represented in every single WALG tournament.

After the tournament in Taiwan , people from four regions above Tokyo , Osaka , Okinawa and Kanagawa, got together and talked about integrating these groups into one association. In 1994, NALG Japan was formed. There are 21 branches across the nation with some 1,500 members as a whole and each branch has at least three tournaments in a year. Japan hosted the World Championship in Otsu , Shiga in 1997.

Ireland – 1986

The National Association of left-Handed Golfers Ireland was formed in March 1986, they held their first left-handed event at the Tuam Golf Club on April, 1986. The Association conducts 6 or 7 events annually with the National championship being played in November each year. Ireland has hosted the World Championship twice, Galway 1990 and Dublin 2005.

Switzerland – 1989

The Swiss Association of Left-Handed Golfers was formed in Sierre, Valais in 1989 under the name ‘Planet Left-Handed Golf Association.’ They play an annual championship on the first Saturday of May each year.

Sweden – 1990

The National Association of Left Handed Golfers, Sweden was formed in July 1990, when the first national left handed tournament were held.  The initiative to form the association was taken by Leif Olsson and Rolf Ulvengren.

Japan – 1994

Since its establishment in 1994, the NALG Japan has seen surprising growth with 22 branches and over 1000 members across the nation. Each branch holds a tournament several times a year, which means regional tournaments are being held somewhere in Japan on a weekly basis.

Once a year, the tournament of NALG Japan is hosted by each branch in turn. The tournament information can be viewed on our website.

As for the WALG, it was in 1988 when the first Japanese left-handed golfer took part in a WALG tournament, then held in Australia. Nine years later we were fortunate to host a WALG event. We held the WALG Championship in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture in 1997 and again in Miyazaki 2016.

Canada – 1998

The National Association of Left-Handed Golfers, Canada was formed in 1998. Prior to this many left handed golfers living in Canada were members of NALG (U.S.A.)
Since 1998 NALG (Canada) hold regular events with the National Championship being played annually. To date two World Championships have been held in Canada 1985 and 2003 both in the City of Victoria, British Columbia. Forthcoming events can be identified on their Web site.

Germany – 1999

The National Association of Left-Handed Golfers Germany was formed in August, 1999. Regular events are held with a National Championship being played annually. Germany hosted the 2000 and 2019 World Championships.

France – 2004, 2022

Left handed golfers formed an Association in France in 2004 under the name ‘Association Francaise de Golfeurs Gauchers’ they played their first National Championship in 2005 at Cheverny. Regular left handed events are held in Olenas, Lacanau, Moliets and Marseille.

Sri Lanka 2011

The National Association of Left Handed Golfers Sri Lanka (NALG-SL) was formed in 2011. Sri Lanka has one of the highest percentages of left handed golfers in the world (23%) The Association plays annually for a Presidents Cup, Captains Cup and a lefty-righty event. Their goal is to host a World Left Handed Championship.